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Alexx Calise - AC3

As well as playing drums on all the tracks on Alexx's 3rd cd, he also co-wrote the
first track on AC3 "Not Crazy"

Sound of Cancer - No Vampires In Gilroy

Dennis cowrote and coproduced this record with singer songwriter Alexx Calise.
As well as playing all the drums on "No Vampires In Gilroy", Dennis played
bass on half of the songs too. He also played all of the piano and keyboard
parts as well as sharing the guitar dudes with Alexx Calise.
here for full album credits

Marc Ford - Fuzz Machine

"Fuzz Machine" was recorded following Marc Ford & The Fuzz Machine's
Fall 2007 tour that Dennis had the pleaser of  being the drummer for. It was recorded live
at Compound Studios and captures a very unique moment from a very vibrant band. 


Alexx Calise - In Avanti

Dennis played drums on Alexx's first single from "In Avanti", "Break Me" and also her
songs "See You Again" and "Release Me".


Christopher Von Uckermann - Somos

On "Somos" Dennis had the pleaser of working with grammy nominated
producer Luigie Gonzalez. Dennis played drums on the songs "Mundo Irreal",
"Hacia el Sol", "Apaga la Maquina", "1 2 3", "Someday" and "Talvez".

Eiza - Contracorriente

Dennis played drums on 3 songs on this EMI release by Eiza Gonzalez. He played
on "Y Como Fue?", "Impredecible" as well as here number 1 single "Mi Destino Soy Yo"
which was produced and writen by Rafeal Esparza and Luigie Gonzalez. 

Pedro Capo' - Pedro Capo'

On Pedro Capo' 's debut release on Sony records Dennis teamed up with
writer producers Rafeal Esparza and Luigie Gonzalez once again. Dennis
played drums on all of the tracks on this Sony release. 

J.D. King - Here's

Gilby Clarke - An All-Star Salute to Christmas

Triple Seven - Reaction

Donny Todd - Find Myself

Hippie Aggression - Change

Stereo - Harmony

Miss Crazy - Miss Crazy


Trixie - Lift You Up

Trixie - Shelter

Point 3 - Semper Sursum

Ronnie Borchert - Change

Brain Pudding - Food For Thought

Dear Damien - A Tie to Hold the Head On, A Heart to Hold the Hate In

Lara Price - Faces of the Blues